Patch art


Distressed jeans… They’re so in style, but sometimes after a few wearings and washings, you end up with more holes than jeans! Ever put your foot right through the knee? Or find a hole in a strategic area getting a bit too big?

Now as a rule I don’t repair or alter people’s clothes. It’s just not my idea of a fun time. But while I’m doing custom embroidery, I have a perfect opportunity to patch things up for you in a variety of ways.

IMG_0621To do embroidery on jeans, I remove the stitches on the inside seam. This allows me to lay the material flat and decide what to stitch where. If there’s a hole where we want a design to go, I have to stabilize it with fabric. No basic iron on patches – I’m talking creativity, from the inside out!


Sometimes I use a contrasting denim, sometimes matching. Or even a cotton print for extra boho. And rather than try for subtlety (after all shabby is chic!) I’ll often set it off with a contrasting zig zag.


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