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Chihuly in stitches


When my artist friend Irma (a colorful person) asked me to cover her jean jacket in roses, of course my mind went straight to Dale Chihuly!

CIMG1346The glass artist’s work speaks for itself – glowing glass sculptures that seem alive with color and motion.

About a dozen years ago when we lived in an old farmhouse we had a rose garden. I was determined to plant only traditional roses (no knockouts!), and found some amazing plants. Heirloom roses, like the delicate pink climber New Day. A newer show stopper was the Julia Child in vibrant yellow. I loved the miniature climbers and a couple of grafted tree roses too.

But my favorite had to be the Chihuly rose. Like the work of its namesake, it blends bold contrasting colors that seem to flow and change before your eyes.

IMG_1547That garden and that rose in particular were my inspirations for this brilliant artist’s jacket. For the flowers I combined four shades of yellow-gold with three red-oranges, along with two pinks and two corals for highlights. I nestled them in vines of chartreuse, olive and sage green.

IMG_1541This one took a while. I didn’t choose the entire color palette before I started, but imagined myself as an artist, mixing as I went.

img_16701.jpgI won’t ever make another just like it, but I did fill the pockets with my business cards before I shipped it! My next LA project just arrived: the plain jacket will soon feature a lion, hiding in a tangle of wildflowers.

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