Sewing up the soap market

Meet Kim,┬áproprietor of South Street Soapworks of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. She’s a talented and creative lady, developing sumptuous fragrances for her creamy soaps and nourishing lotions. Yes, I’m a fan!

31052191_10214108785547811_4271106523582693376_oThis busy entrepreneur wanted to promote her business. Being stylish, she chose Rare Threads Studio. She described what she liked — all things French in warm Tuscan colors like butter yellow, sage green, toasty browns and rich pomodoro reds. Sounds delicious, right? Just wait till you try her bath salts!


Working with her jean jacket, I converted her logo – a proud and distinctly French rooster weathervane – into stitches, and surrounded him with flowers painted in her favorite colors. Note the sage, butter, toast and tomatoes…

IMG_1305My personal favorite is the Fig, Rosemary and Thyme. Oh my. And the Clary Sage and Mint. C’est magnifque!

Another jacket scored a facelift with some francophile adornments, and just a hint of the soap you might delight in.

Au revoir, my friends! Life is tres bon, n’est-ce pas?!